Mirrors have become one of my most popular items. In fact, my baroque style red lacquered mirror (which I sold in March) is the most popular piece I've ever had. I still get people calling about it. They see it in the background of other marketing photos or see it marked "sold" on the website—I can’t quite seem to make myself take the pic off the site.

I love mirrors. They're great accent pieces and particularly good in the small New York City apartments so many of us live in. If you only have 400 square feet, mirrors are a great way to make a space look bigger and to reflect the light you have.

I try to have at least three or four wall mirrors available at all times, including one or two in red lacquer. I specialize in "reinventing" antique mirrors—refinishing them or painting them so they look hip and stylish. Elaborate wood or plaster frames work particularly well. They make a great contrast with modern interiors. I constantly browse thrift shops and out of the way antique stores for frames or existing mirrors I can work with (and afford as raw material). If I can find a baroque style I promise those folks who have called about the baroque red mirror I'll snap it up and do it in red lacquer! In fact I found a close match a couple of weeks ago and just finished it yesterday. Hopefully, it will work for some of you. I can also create a custom look for you. While I don't make frames from scratch very often, if there is a look you like and a color you want, give me a call. The odds are I can find an existing frame and rework it for you.