My studio has entered its fifth month of operations, as has my website, and much has changed. Within the first month my website grew from a single webpage to 7-page site. In the beginning of April, I moved my studio to its current location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Over these months I have created and sold a number of really original pieces, and I've learned a lot about what sells and what doesn't. I've also learned about marketing. Using a combination of Craigslist ads and other "search engine" techniques, I have driven and increasing amount of traffic to my website. Talking to my buyers, I've learned that people do indeed visit this site periodically, looking to see what's news, or waiting to see if a price will drop on a particular item.

Well, it's time to take all this to the next step. Those aspects of my business that really haven't flourished (consignment selling, artwork, etc.) is going to be de-emphasized. Don't worry, it's not going away completely. But I'm going to rearrange things so my primary business is easier to view, and so these webpages load on your browser faster.

Finally, there is the "blogging" element of the website. Guess what? That's what you're reading right now! I will start writing a number of "articles" that talk about my work, my services, my design philosophy, and occasionally I'll write about the process I take in creating my unique furniture "re-creations".