Bill Scroggie

Bill Scroggie began his work in home decor and design by creating and redoing furnishings for his own homes. What started as a hobby gradually developed into a small side business, and he began selling some of his work. His penchant for seeing a "diamond in the rough" made him unable to resist the great finds left on Manhattan curbs and available in thrift stores and flea markets.From the beginning, he focused on reinventing old and discarded furnishing, creating fun and affordable pieces for style-conscious New Yorkers who craved furnishings with real character and style.

As his business developed, some of his furniture clients began asking him to help them decorate their apartments and homes. Those projects led to more design work, and eventually, he began focusing more of his time on interior design. His design projects range from a trophy Manhattan penthouse on the Upper East Side, to a bachelor's Upper West Side mid-century modern apartment, to a hip Bowery loft, to a ski condo in Vermont, to stately homes in Greenwich. Regardless of how busy he gets with interior design, he still devotes some of his energy to creating his own furnishings and to custom orders.

Bill had an impressive professional resume before he began his venture into design and home decor. He spent several years in executive management in the publishing industry and was the Publisher of a major educational publishing company in New York City, as well as the Director of Operations of a $40 million dollar publishing services company in Ohio where he led 250 employees. His management experience has served him well in his latest venture, giving him the project management and client experience needed to establish and run a successful design business. He began his career in publishing as an editor and sees that as the common thread in all he does: "Whether staging an apartment to sell, helping a client decide how to furnish her new home, or taking an old dresser and making it into something stylish and fun, I'm editing... I love to see how I can make the most of what I'm working with, not by starting from scratch, but by figuring out how I can re-imagine and reinvent what I'm given. The fun is in the problem-solving."